HORIZON-MISS-2022-CIT-01 (Research and Innovation actions for support the implementation of the Climate neutral and Smart Cities Mission)


Topic: HORIZON-MISS-2022-CIT-01-01

Type of Action: HORIZON-IA

Proposal number: 101104214

Project duration: 15 July 2023 – 14 July 2027

Project partners:


1. Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtyma OMNIA (projekto koordinatorius)

2. VTT

3. Bilia

4. Volvo cars Finland


5. Tartu Rakenduslik Kolledz

6. Life Sciences University of Applied Sciences in Estonia

7. Toyota Baltic


8. Kaunas Education Center of Technologies

9. Kauno Technikos Kolegija / University of Applied Engineering Sciences


10. Ventspils Tehnikums


11. Jakob Preh Schule

12. Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

13. Preh GmbH


14. SEPR Vocational training center

The Netherlands:

15. Koning Willem I College

16. Electude International


Project description:

Developing digital and practical skills in fields, which combat climate change and adopt clean energy is essential for Europe's sustainable growth. Global warming has awakened many vehicle brands to decide quitting manufacture of traditional fuel driven vehicles by 2030. New innovations and fuel technologies require a new kind of expertise in automotive industry. This also requires a reform of vocational training. Due to this, car mechanic, vehicle business and vehicle engineer educations need to be developed to educate skilled mechanics, vehicle salespersons, engineers, and vehicle sector teachers with modern technology knowhow. There are very little content of servicing modern technology vehicles in VET in Europe. Additionally, the radical changes in European safety situation have made all alternative energy sources even more crucial for all project countries, especially those with dependence on the traditional fuel from other countries. The Auto-Cove project partners will create 17 study modules or training courses of modern vehicle technology and vehicle sales and pilot them among VET-teachers, vehicle company service and sales personnel and vehicle students on secondary and tertiary levels. The development work will be done by listening to needs from labor market and vocational teachers in vehicle field. Industry representatives and VET-teachers in vehicle sector in seven European countries will be interviewed about real needs in vehicle sector education. Auto-Cove partners' collaborative development work will be based on the skills-gap analysis and partners specific expertise in the vehicle and sales sectors. Finnish research center and German and Estonian universities of applied sciences contribute development work with updated research data of the field. The project outputs will be disseminated by Dutch Electude International- company to 3400 active VET-providers worldwide in 8 language versions and in English via OER-platform in English in Europe.