It is the organisation that works in collaboration with OEM, EMS, PCB manufacturers to create and develop standards for the electronics industry. The criteria of the IPC standards apply to the highest level of electronic products for the production of industrial, medical, military and marine equipment.

The organisation is constantly updating existing standards based on modern technologies and materials used in manufacturing, developing training programmes for those working in the electronics industry. These standards and methods help to achieve the highest production results, and adherence to them ensures trust between customers and manufacturers.

Courses are offered at KTK

KTK offers courses according to IPC-7711/7721 and IPC-A-610 standard training programmes. Upon completion of the training, participants acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and are awarded the International Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) certificates.

Information for participants

1. First-time participants in IPC training need to enrol in one of the following ways (a or b):

Option A: Individual registration HERE
Please complete this form with the required information and provide a personal e-mail address to authenticate the user in the system. When entering a company name, write only the beginning of it and wait for the autocomplete function to predict the rest of it. 

Option B: email us the participant's name, surname, company name and address at julius.saltanis@edu.ktk.lt. The participant will be registered on the IPC website and notified by email.

2. After filling in the initial information, you will receive an e-mail with a link to continue the registration. You will need to create a new password that will be used to connect to the IPC websites.

3. You should also log in to the website and complete the form by clicking Update My Profile. 

Those who have already participated in the training should log in on the IPCEDGE website and fill in the form by clicking Update My Profile. If you have forgotten your password, you can change it. After entering your e-mail address, you will receive a message with a link that will require you to enter a new password twice. If you can't create a new user, try signing in with the email you provided earlier when you signed up.

Registration can be done during the training, but it is essential that you can access your personal e-mail. 

Upon completion of the training, you will be issued an electronic certificate that you can download and print. The certificate must be generated for the first time: after logging in to your account at ipcedge.org, click on the image of the standard, expand the first module (Module 1) and click on the Certificate of Completion IPC-7711 / 7721C Certification. Clicking the Get your certificate button, a certificate that can be downloaded or printed will be generated in the new window.

Once the certificate has been generated, the next time you log in, you will find it in the Download Certificates section on the right-hand side.

The certificate is generated in two sheet sizes - Letter and A4. Select sheet 2 when printing.

The training will take place from 9:00 to 17:00 with one 45 min. lunch break and two breaks of 10 min. All learning material is provided. There is no canteen, so you can dine at a café next door or on site (kettle and cups provided).

Address: Kauno technikos kolegija, Tvirtovės al. 35 - 327, LT-50155 Kaunas.
The IPC - 7711/7721 training takes place at the Kitron Electronics Assembly Laboratory (New building, 3rd floor). The classroom where the IPC-A-610 standard training will take place will be specified upon registration.

When you arrive at KTK, enter the building through the main entrance and turn right. At the end of the corridor, turn left and go through the passage between the buildings. You will reach an open library space and there will be a staircase on your right-hand side in the corner. Take the stairs to the very top. For directions, ask the reception staff or call +370-677-53822 (Julius).

Parking is available around KTK in the areas marked in orange and blue in the plan below. Pre-registration is required for parking in KTK internal areas (marked in orange). For this, your phone number, name, surname and car registration number should be e-mailed to  julius.saltanis@edu.ktk.lt at least one working day before the training. When you get to the gates of car park 1 (marked on the left in the plan), call: +370-688-95791, and to car park 2 (marked on the right in the plan), call: +370-616-49511.

When arriving by public transport, get off at the "Technikos Kolegija" stop (marked in green on the plan). You can find the public transport routes on the website web.trafi.com 

In case of any questions, please contact: