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The aim of the programme is to prepare specialists capable of working in various areas of construction engineering who can supervise building construction, repair and maintenance, prepare structure designs, perform estimate calculations and geodetic measurements, evaluate construction products, plan, organise and technically supervise the construction works, create private business.

Details of the Study Programme

Why is this programme worth choosing?

Upon the completion of Construction Engineering study programme the student is able to work in various fields of construction engineering, to supervise a building design, construction and repair works, think creatively, work both in a team and perform work which requires personal responsibility on his/her own.

Guest lecturers

Nuotraukos 06

Nerijus Jaras

Project Manager



Experience in the field of building insulation. The latest knowledge about building insulation systems, their technologies, insulation materials.                                                                                                                       

Giedrius Bindokas

Giedrius Bindokas

Product Representative



Experience in building sealing. Theoretical lectures and practical seminars for students about the airtightness of buildings. Ensuring vapour control and weatherproofing in construction using advanced SIGA sealing materials.

Virginijus Rabacius PSD

Virginijus Rabačius

Director of the company

MB Virmalda


Experience in indoor and outdoor repair technology. Up-to-date knowledge of advanced roofing, interior and exterior decoration, repair technologies, restoration of cultural heritage monuments.                                     

International mobility possibilities
By choosing this study programme students have a possibility to study:
  • according to Erasmus+ student mobility program in higher education institutions of Austria, Check Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Portugal and Turkey, as well as to perform
  • according to the double degree diploma agreement  of VIA University College in Denmark.
Career possibilities
Graduates of the study programme can work in various fields of construction engineering, to supervise the construction of the buildings, their repair and maintenance, prepare the construction projects, to perform estimate calculations and geodetic measurements, to evaluate construction products, to plan, organize and supervise the engineering works. Also they will be able to create their own business, to develop the company (department) activity and economic plans, analyze economic environment for business.

Access to further studies

 Graduates have access to the second cycle studies (Master’s degree) at University.



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