Details of the Study Programme

Objective of the Study programme

  • Have knowledge and abilities necessary for engineering activity in high-tech global market;
  • Develop the need to be interested in engineering science knowledge, manage to apply them in different situations, are able to combine the skills application with the basics of business and management, with the humanities and social sciences, understand the impact and importance of engineering solutions for the development of society;
  • Have knowledge of aircraft structural components, engine and fuel systems, hydraulic and pneumatic networks, gear, aircraft flight and landing systems and their maintenance characteristics;
  • Are erudite persons, able to think critically and creatively;
  • Are able to maintain their professional competence throughout their lives.

Why is it worth to choose this Study Programme?

  • The program focuses on practical activities and program content based on real requirements necessary for aviation mechanical engineer qualification.
  • The studies are implemented in a concentrated and intensive manner; practical skills are formed in modern laboratories and, based on consolidation, in the base of social partners.
  • Teachers - specialists in their field; each subject is taught by teachers with specific aeronautical engineering knowledge.
  • Provides an opportunity to gain international experience through the Erasmus + Exchange Program

International mobility possibilities

By choosing this study program students will have the opportunity to study under the Erasmus + student mobility program at Austrian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, German, Hungarian, Maltese, Portuguese and Turkish higher education institutions and to perform Erasmus + practice in foreign companies.

Career possibilities

Graduates who are awarded Aeronautical engineering professional bachelor's degree can work in aircraft or helicopter repair and maintenance companies, in airports and their departments and other enterprises that require mechanical engineers and technicians.

Access to further studies

Graduates of the study programme have an access to Master‘s Degree