We offer exchange students an opportunity to become a part of a school that understands and values knowledge perfected and consolidated in practice. Our lecturers dedicated to sharing their passion for engineering and their expertise with the new generations work in collaboration with local and international businesses to help you get the best of both worlds: in-depth understanding informed by theory and research as well as skills applicable in today's and tomorrow's labour market. Apart from top-quality education, here you'll find opportunities for exciting leisure and a supportive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

Students coming on ERASMUS can choose from these undergraduate degree programmes (go here to learn about full degree programmes)

- Material Processing Engineering;
- Automobile Technical Maintenance;
- Motor Transport Electronics;
- Electronics Engineering;
- Electrical Energy;
- Road Engineering;
- Construction Engineering;
- Aircraft Mechanism Technical Maintenance;
- Avionics Systems Engineering.


What Erasmus students say about their time with us 

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“I studied in Kaunas, at Kaunas Technical College, in spring semester of 2019 with Erasmus program. It was a wonderful time. I am very pleased with the education provided by the university and the beauty and calm of Lithuania. 

At Kaunas Technical college I had the opportunity for more practice in class compared to my university. My lecturers at KTK made a great contribution to reinforcing the theoretical knowledge I had received at my university. My lecturers and Erasmus coordinators have been with me in every sense, so I did not feel alone in the new country.   

Based on my observations, I can say that Lithuania is a wonderful country, people's friendliness, reliability, their protection of the environment made me feel very good during my stay there. I went to other countries, but none of them gave me the peace of Lithuania.  I wish I’d had the opportunity to stay more and I will continue to recommend Kaunas Technical College to students in my country.” 


Kardelen Atasöz from Turkey (Karabük University) 


“I had a really nice time in Kaunas. This was my first time abroad and I’m happy that Kaunas was the city I chose. It’s so quiet and peaceful everywhere and the people in Lithuania are also friendly and kind. My teachers at KTK were perfect and they really helped me to get used to living there. I hope I can come and see them again.” 


Batuhan Karabacak – Karabuk University, Automobile technical maintenance 

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“My Erasmus experience has been very positive. I felt very well in Kaunas and at the University, the teachers and coordinators were very kind and very helpful. We visited Kaunas and a large part of Lithuania. I recommend everyone to undertake the Erasmus experience, at KTK you will be best welcomed.”


Federico Frongia, University of Cagliari, Civil engineering


"For me, the Erasmus experience in Kaunas had the best experience in my live. This experience gave me the possibility to travel a lot in a few months because Lithuania is well connected with the rest of Europe. Also, I have met many people of different countries which allowed me to compare myself with other people, and get to know new things. KTK is a very good school because there are a lot of practice exams, and I love it.

In the end, Lithuania is a green place, there isn’t rubbish in the street, it is clean everywhere. People, at the university and outside it were nice and helped me in any situations. I miss everything about Lithuania. I would like to come back in the future to work or only to say hello to KTK professors."


                          Luca Pusceddu,  University of Cagliari, Civil engineering