Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to be higher, public service providing educational institution, training high quality engineering specialists, meeting regional, local and global labor market requirements. It is competitive in the educational market, modern, learning, open to community and society needs organization, basing its activity on high quality principles, implementing scientific applied research, satisfying the needs of knowledge and information society, capable to implement innovations for continuous development and modernization, as well as preserving lasting traditions and culture of the school. It is accredited center of scientific research with individual research space and the center of engineering consultations and human recourse development in engineering branch.



Our Mission is to develop engineering studies, corresponding to knowledge society needs and European Union standards, create, store and propagate scientific knowledge and modern practical experience in the society, maximally participating in the country and regional development and competitiveness of the economy, continuing the interwar tradition in Lithuania to be the school-leader in this activity field.



  • Regularity and experience of employees.
  • Maximum quality educational service provision.
  • High scientific expertise.



  • Improve management of the university processes achieving European engineering training level.
  • Enhance university competitive ability improving quality and decreasing the cost price of teaching.
  • Improve university image as a reliable partner.

We are please to note, that engineering studies become more and more popular, that high-school graduates from all the country come to study at Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences and that entrants’ competition is markedly increasing. We take pride in our employees, students and graduates who have not only achieved professional heights but also hold leading positions in business, work in the fields of sciences, art and politics.