Vision & Mission


Leading university of applied sciences belonging to the elite of technical HEIs in the Baltic States, training highly qualified specialists in the field of technical engineering and carrying out advanced development activities in its region.


Engineering competencies for the wellbeing of smart society.


  • Maximum quality educational service provision.
  • Scientific expertise.


  • Improve management of the university processes achieving European engineering training level.
  • Enhance university competitive ability improving quality and decreasing the cost price of teaching.
  • Improve university image as a reliable partner.

We are pleased to note that engineering studies are becoming more and more popular, that high-school graduates from all over the country come to study at Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences and that entrants’ competition is markedly increasing. We take pride in our employees, students and graduates who have not only achieved professional heights, but also hold leading positions in business, work in the fields of science, art and politics.